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Dreams Of Ylina - Map

Map of Ylina:

Hamlet Epoue

Epoue is a small hamlet in the middle-west of the island, well-located in the middle of the from Hanchouri to Manaya. The inhabitants are mostly farmers.

Hamlet Manaya

Living here:

Dawn Alrik Unknown Unknown Unknown

Mount Paka

Mount Paka is the highest mountain of the island. Some travellers walk up there to meditate, as the view is favorable to introspection.


Mount Paik

The second most beloved walk for walkers and travellers, a great place to watch the sunrise, and the whole south of the island.


Mount Piraya

The least known of all Ylina mountains, as the east coast is less inhabited than the west. You can still have a beautiful view towards the south of the island.

Dark Forest

Named "dark" because of the density of trees, there is an old path that goes through the forest but barely used nowadays.


Syr Forest

Near the prosperous village of Hanchouri, the forest of Syr is mostly used for wood and food supply.

Retnor Wall

The wall of Retnor is a cliff marking the end of the south coast of the island. The village of Manaya was built on this natural "wall".


The village of Manaya is the second bigger village of the island. The inhabitants love their home and tend to dislike the richer village of Hanchouri.

Manaya Manaya

Blessed Hills

The Blessed Hills are highly rugged terrain in the south. The origin of its landforms remain unknown, but the most common theory is that it is due to the numerous underground galleries that runs underneath the island.

Ptolema Plains

Smooth plains of the north, are to the inhabitants of Hanchouri what the Blessed Hills are to the people of Manaya: a beloved natural place as well as a symbol of the inhabitants character.

Hamlet Manaya


The biggest village of the island, and the richest. Within it meets the council of Ylina. There is also the temple of Ylina, guardian of the beliefs of all inhabitants.

From here to the mountains It's raining water A Garden

The Islands of the End

Small pieces of rocky and sandy land. The islands of the end are the most northern land of Ylina, and the end of the world, for Ylina's inhabitants.

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