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Dreams of Ylina: Gameplay Trailer

Dreams of Ylina: Game Trailer


Dreams Of Ylina is an adventure game in which Ann, a woman who wakes up in a bed on the island of Ylina, finds herself amnesic, and tries to find out what happened to her, and why she's on this island, which she has never heard about, and, most importantly, on which no one has ever seen her.

You will have to guide Ann on this island, fight some creature, fulfill quests, pick up, use and/or sell items, talk to people... Also, don't forget to drink and eat! There are great local wine and beer on Ylina, probably organic!

Dreams Of Ylina (close to ARPGs)in 3D, made with Unity3D.

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Dreams of Ylina:


About Pangoweb:

Pangoweb is actually my website as an independent developer, musician and composer. I studied programming first for industry, then I made websites, before turning to video games, especially when I discovered Unity3D.

Concerning video games, my first approach to making video games was with my cousin, when we were teenagers, we used to imagine the next Zelda after A Link to the Past, or the next Secret of Mana (80s-90s kids here).

In high school I made a few games on calculators, and then I began computer programming almost without having ever touched a computer before. I tried also RPG Maker.

The first bigger game I made is listed on this website, and is called Dreams of Ahngar (yes sort of the first of the series "Dreams of"). It was made in Javascript, with the canvas tag in HTML5, for a contest by Pokki company. Then I learned Unity, and my game imagination was finally enlightened.

Dreams of Ylina is my first big 3D game, and at the time I'm writing these lines, I can say it is almost finished.


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