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Dreams Of Ylina


Ann was found lying on the beach. When she wakes up, she doesn't remember anything but, certainly, she doesn't belong here. Find out what happened to her by exploring the island of Ylina!

Dreams of Ylina is a 3D adventure game (would I say Action-RPG?), made with Unity3D. I made the game, while some assets come from third party. I also have composed the music for the whole game. It is made in C#.

The game is currently still under development, and will be soon available, first on Android, and on Steam if it passes Steam Greenlight (or the steam submission system changes?), and maybe other platforms as well!


Dreams of Ylina: Gameplay Trailer

Dreams of Ylina: Game Trailer

Ylina at dusk

First Prototype

Map of Ylina

Take a look at the interactive map of Ylina and discover various famous places of the island!

Privacy Policy

This game does not collect any information about you, except your choices in the adventure which does not seem in anyway to be personal informations.