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Run In Black


In this game you can help Kitten the cat to run as far as possible! Touch the screen to reverse gravity and make him run on the ceiling instead of the floor. Avoid all obstacles (stairs, holes) and get all the tea leaves and keys you can!

There are several options in the game that have various effects:

  • magnet Magnet: All the tea leaves around come to Kitten during a few seconds!
  • fly Fly: Kitten flies for a while, avoiding all obstacles, but he can also miss some tea leaves!
  • sun Sun: it helps the leaves grow, and Kitten will find many leaves for a while!
  • sun Speed: Kitten runs faster for a while, therefore if he is "pushed" away by a stair, you will have more time to reverse gravity and make him pass this obstacle!
  • tea time Tea time: All obstacles are removed, you can go get some tea (but come back quickly!)

All options can be improved in the "shop" inside the game. Improving an option is simply making it last longer and these improvements cost tea leaves.


screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3

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