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Link Shapes


Link Shapes is a game where shapes appear on the screen, and you have to link them with your finger as fast as possible. The shapes appear faster and faster. There are several "themes" for the shapes: they are either geometric shapes (circles and squares), or two halves of a heart you have to link together (called "Valentine" mode), or mathematical operations, which you have to link to the right result. Good to study multiplication tables!

In order to link shapes, you have to touch the screen of your device on one of the shapes, then hold the touch and move your finger on the screen to the other shape. The shapes will glow when you touch them. But if you link shapes that weren't supposed to be linked, you have to start again (or, in Maths mode, if you touch the wrong answer, you lose a "life" (it's not a real life though)).

2 Players Mode:

There is also a 2 player mode, where you and your friend (or enemy) can play on the same device, on the same screen. Each of the players have his/her own shapes, and have to link them. You can choose to have all the shapes (Player1's and Player2's) in all the screen, therefore you sometimes have to fight with the other player's fingers to link your shapes before him/her. Or you choose another mode where each player has his/her half of the screen, and you just have to be quicker than the other player to gain more points.

Each group of shapes that appear have a lifetime (you can see them fade away). Once they disappear completely, you lose a "heart" (or a "life"). Once you have no more life left, the game is over. Also, if you link the shapes faster after they appeared, you'll get more points than if you wait until they are almost faded away.

When you get to a Game Over, you can once a day watch an advertisement which allow you to have one more life for each game, for 24h. The video has to be watched completely of course.


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Privacy Policy

All my games and apps intend to respect the privacy of the users and players. This privacy policy is here to inform you about what informations is collected, and how it is used.

This game require some permissions about some functionalities in your mobile devices. These functionalities (such as internet access) are used because this game uses Google Play, to offer you Achievements, and also because there are ads in the game (for example: a banner ad in the menu, and a video ad if you click on the button to gain one more life as mentioned above), and also for analytic purpose and statistics. The informations sent are of course anonymous, using what is called "anonymized user ID".

In order have access to achievements, this app uses Google Play, which will connect to Google Play Services. At no moment does this game have access to informations like your name, email, etc. and this game does not use any of these informations.

Otherwise, this game does not ask you to create account, or enter any informations yourself. Please note that either the banner ads, analytic informations, and video ads should be set up to be convenient for children under 13 in the United States. I do not own any server to which this game is connecting to send any information.

This game is free-to-play, and therefore you cannot choose to remove advertisements.

This game and any information related to it (like this policy) is subject to modifications without any prior mention to the players and users (mostly means there will probably be updates).