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A Poem Of Time (Un poème du temps)


A Poem of Time is still in a (very) early development stage. A few screenshots can be seen here, more informations will be published after the release of the game about to be released: Dreams of Ylina.

The title of the game is somehow inspired from Stephen Hawking's books: A Brief(er) History of Time. And yes, this game literally has something to do with poetry. And time. To me, poetry (as in: stanzas, verses, ...) is an art too ignored nowadays. And time... Well, "time flows like a river, but history repeats" (quote from a famous 90s video game which is...?).

The screenshots below are taken from the first episode of the game. By "episode", I don't mean episodes which will necessarily be released separately as in episodic games, it is more a way to organize the different stories told in the game.

More informations in the next months!


Privacy Policy

This game does not collect any information about you, except your choices in the adventure which does not seem in any way to be personal informations.